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We understand the journey a business goes through and deliver financial guidance and M&A consulting with a personal touch to help our clients smash their desired goals.

Raising Capital

Raising capital for a business takes focus and creativity to achieve the correct result. We take the time to review and evaluate data, identify potential risks, help prepare materials for presentations and so much more. Advising clients along the way, we provide solutions that are best for the business and ensure complete confidentiality throughout the process.

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M&A: Analysis & Strategy

The decision to sell a business does not come lightly. Every client has their reason for why they want to enter the M&A process. Whether the business has reached a plateau or the marketplace has evolved, we have dealt with and delivered M&A plans which have led to success, regardless of the circumstances. We analyze data to ensure we can meet the client's needs, assess for any pitfalls before starting the long M&A journey and deliver a strategy that works for you.

M&A: Shareholder Management

Mergers and acquisitions require a deep understanding of the process and a focus on shareholder relationships. We actively manage these relationships and ensure communication is made clear throughout. Our process is tailor-made for the parties involved and we ensure there is a smooth relationship from the negotiation and documentation phase through to closing.

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Restructuring Advisory

We have experience working with clients facing restructuring, distressed and bankruptcy. We deliver a high level of problem-solving with a proven record of providing financial advice to corporations, boards of directors, investors and creditors. We deal with debt and equity, procuring DIP and exit financings, offering the best solution and unravelling the complex details.

Strategic Financial Advisory

Our unbiased financial advisory service relies upon the extensive knowledge we have grown from experience and building trusted relationships. Whether a client is dealing with a transaction or making difficult financial decisions for their business, we are experts in strategically analysing the data and engaging in business planning to ensure our client heads towards profitable growth and realising value.

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